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We are experts in Glucopyranose, Ribofuranose, Organo-Boron, Organo-Silicon synthesis, which attributes to overseas doctors, professors from Ivy League Universities and professionals from production frontline, making our process more stable, quality more reliable, and unrivaled technology among our competitors. “

We built up experiences in “Chiral Synthesis” and Chiral Separation” and differentiate us from our competitors. Our products focus on Antibiotics and Oncology and expand into broad scopes.

If you could not find your needs from our catalogue, our customize synthetic may help you.

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strong products
CAS: 29836-26-8
CAS: 2873-29-2
CAS: 13039-75-3
D-Ribonic acid-1,4-Lactone
CAS: 5336-08-3
Triisopropylsily chloride
CAS: 13154-24-0
CAS: 122111-01-7
CAS: 143157-22-6
CAS: 134790-39-9
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